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Have you been employed by different companies throughout your working life? Perhaps you've moved from being employed to being self-employed or started your own company.

The chances are you may have a number of different pensions with different employments throughout your working life. Additionally, you may have different investments with different providers. All this can lead to a complex retirement structure which could lead to unforeseen problems.

The answer is consolidation.

By consolidating your existing pension benefits you are making sure you are appropriately managing your retirement fund.

What does consolidation mean? 

Consolidating your pension benefits means bringing your various pension arrangements  into one overall pension plan from which all investments will be made. It is good practice  to regularly review your retirement plans, but in particular to complete a full review at age 50, to ensure you are fully aware of all pension holdings and the investment risk profile of your portfolio. This review allows you to ascertain whether you would benefit from consolidating your pensions.

If you hold a variety of pensions from different employments or with different pension providers and fund managers, this could be a good option for you. We will be able to assist you with your pensions review to ensure you are obtaining the best benefits.

7 benefits of consolidation are:

  1. Consolidating allows you to take more ownership and control over your retirement plan.
  2. It helps to ensure that retirement benefits from your earlier working life are not lost or forgotten about.
  3. It reduces the risk of difficulty in accessing benefits due to a change in employer ownership, change in trustees or where the company is no longer in existence.
  4. It ensures that any review of your retirement plan covers all of your assets and that decisions made are based on the full value of your retirement portfolio not individual parts.
  5. It ensures that all benefits held are in line with your current risk profile.
  6. It provides an opportunity to reduce management fees, a larger fund will give you more scope to benefit from reduced fees.
  7. It can open up a wider range of investment options


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