Corporate Clients


The financial health of your company should be the primary objective of any owner/shareholder, after all its wealth becomes your wealth. 

With accountancy, tax, corporate finance,  investment qualifications, expertise and experience our staff will offer strategic advice to our corporate clients right through its life cycle.

Whilst its never too late to plan or restructure the early stages of a  business' life is when strategic plans, goals and milestones should be agreed and monitored. We will provide you with the necessary advice and expertise to ensure your company's financial health and wealth is grown and preserved.

Our expertise and advice incorporates business growth, protection and investment strategies designed to deliver shareholder value.

Our policy is to provide advice based on our training, qualifications and expertise and only to provide financial products if they fit the needs of our clients.

However, at times, it is necessary to provide "product" to clients to solve certain financial areas. We have agency agreements with the majority of Product Producers operating in and Regulated by the Irish Central Bank and will research the market on your behalf to provide you with the best solution based on your specific requirements.



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