Discretionary Portfolio Management

Through our agency agreements with MIFIID authorised firms Cap Finance & Investments can provide you with a actively managed discretionary portfolio management service.

This offers a truly bespoke investment management solution for you. We will work with you and your client to determine your investment requirements and objectives to build a portfolio that’s right for you.

Some of the benefits of Discretionary Portfolio Management are:

  1. Experience: We work with some of the oldest and largest investment management firms enabling you to gain access to an extensive set of  experience and skills. These investment managers have many years’ investment experience and understand how to best work with you to deliver results.
  2. Well-resourced: These firms have a substantial resource of dedicated research analysts and  are equipped to make the most appropriate investment decisions.
  3. Bespoke: We work with you to create genuinely bespoke portfolios that aim to meet your investment objectives and personal risk requirements.
  4. Accessible: Through us you will have access to a dedicated support team to help with any questions or concerns you may have.


Investment Process:


The process involves  active investment management in terms of both the strategic asset allocation and selection with no permanent bias towards a single investment style.

The investment process combines a top-down view, based largely on macro-economic inputs and market valuations, with bottom-up recommendations from a team of in-house analysts.

At a strategic level,  portfolios are centred on the long-term returns expected from asset classes, enhanced by exploiting market inefficiencies. Active, shorter term, tactical asset allocation decisions are also made.

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